Mohammad Alkayal  Doktorand



Mohammad Alkayal combines his passion for sports with a solid academic foundation, holding a Bachelor's in Business Administration and English Literature. His journey in sports management is marked by a Master's in Sport and Entertainment Management from a collaborative program between Hamad Bin Khalifa University, Qatar, and South Carolina University. His professional experiences include significant roles in event management at FIFA Qatar 2022 and contributions to the World Association for Sport Management Conference. Alkayal's research, focused on sustainability in sports, reflects his deep commitment to ethical practices, notably in his studies on the Qatar Golf Masters and the sustainable impact of the FIFA World Cup on tourism. As a PhD candidate in the DAiSI program, he is currently delving into the 'Legacy of the Olympic Games,' a subject that resonates with his avid interest in the enduring societal influence of major sports events. His research aims to conceptualize sports integrity and shape governance policies in the sports world. Alkayal's dedication to sports extends beyond professional pursuits; it is a lifelong passion that drives his every endeavour.