International Olympic Case Study 2022

The “International Olympic Case Study Competition (CSC)” is an annual competition for master’s level students, which is organised by the IOC Olympic Studies Centre and the Johannes Gutenberg University, Mainz (Germany). The competition is to be played within a classroom setting and consists of teams of students competing against other teams, first within their own university class, and then against classes from other universities, with which they will be matched.

When looking in particular at the IOC sustainability strategy, the IOC has three primary spheres of responsibility: as an organisation, as owner of the Olympic Games and as leader of the Olympic Movement. The IOC takes into account of its roles and activities in each of these spheres and the relative degrees of control and influence it can bring to bear. Thus, the IOC needs expertise and smart solution developed for the International Sport Federations to help in their presentation and advocacy for a greener sport during the Olympics Games.

This case study offers an opportunity for students from across the world to compete against each other in groups, being a true consultancy company. This year they shall create innovative solutions that could help the world sports organisations to drive environmental change. The results will be commented and taken by the leaders of the IOC and International Sport Federations.

Round 1 and 2 have already been successfully completed. Next Wednesday, 22 June, the teams will compete in the 3rd round on a national level, before entering the international competition.

We are looking forward to Round 3!

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